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PLC Latest Tax Update: RPGT


Amendment wef 1.1.2019

Increase of rate by 5% for both Company & Personal

Impact on Disposal of Assets & Real Property Company “RPC” Shares

Acquisition Price is deemed equal to Market Value at 1.1.2000

(Valuation shall based on JPPH appointed by LHDN)

ALL prior Incidental COST of acquisition incurred are disregarded:

1)  Lawyer fee, Commission, Professional Services

2)  Transfer expenses, stamp duty

3)  Cost of Advertising in finding buyer or seller

4)  Loan Interest paid on Capital Employed wef 1.1.2010

(Para 6, Schedule 2 RPGT 1976)

(PLC Tax Consultants Sdn Bhd @ 翻印必究 Copy Rights Reserved)

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