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Accounting & Advisory

Our full, personalised bookkeeping services are tailored to your business needs utilising cloud technologies and the latest accounting software.

Financials reconciliations are a core aspect of the financial closing for all finance functions.
The process is often a highly manual process that is typically poorly documented and a non-standardized formality. This often results in organisations not able to identify errors in their general ledger until year end or during periodic financials audit reviews.

Typical indicators of weak reconciliation environments include :-

  • Lack of monitoring & accountability around the completion of reconciliations

  • Lack of process & approach around the completion of reconciliations

  • Highly manual time consuming processes

  • Limited scope of visibility of progress towards completion.

Leveraging with technology solutions is a common way of moving towards achieving these goals.

PLC can support and guide you through each step of the planning & implementation stages.


Our service helps to improve clients' financials reconciliation process environment.

PLC collaborates with several leading software service providers to assist clients in this risk area.

Keep clients up to date with financial records and stay compliant.

Professional team & the physical reconciliation tools help PLC better understand the requirements to successfully plan and scope, design and implement a reconciliation solution to meet your needs.
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