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Effective Tax Management allows your business to remain compliant and organised over the long term. Whether you are beginning a new business or restructuring an existing one, PLC can assist you to assess and choose the best tax structure for your venture.

Malaysia and international tax law is an ever-evolving landscape of complex clauses and processes. Tax planning activities are tightly regulated, and businesses face challenges in establishing the most effective tax model for their conduct.

PLC works with you to stay informed and disciplined in all business tax activities.

  The specialist tax team at PLC can assist you in:-  

  • adjusting to regulatory changes

  • identifying emerging trends

  • reducing tax risks

  • understanding and meeting compliance obligations


We can ensure your company submits all regular tax-related documents, such as your annual tax return accurately and on time. This saves your business time and money from wrongful or missed submissions.

We can assist you to find the most effective tax plan for your business, so you can focus on the everyday activities of your company.

We can conduct expert analysis of the industry and economic environment to advise the best course of action, ensuring your confidence.

For a better understanding of complex tax legislation, new ways to manage your indirect taxes and more efficient processes, contact us today.

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