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People and Learning Culture

make PLC a great place to work

We, PLC & the Team focus on helping individuals build the right capabilities to execute against our strategy. We do this by aligning the right learning experiences (both technical and non-technical) and formal development opportunities from graduates through to partner, providing learning solutions accessible anytime, anywhere on multiple devices.


will you encounter at PLC?

Highly approachable & supportive people

  • Knowledge will be shared among the team; 

  • Individual opinion will be heard & respected; 

  • Development will be more quickly through receiving constructive feedback and support from approachable team & leaders


will you gain from PLC?

  • Can apply your specialist skills on diverse and complex projects, across a wide range of industries;

  • Able to learn how to apply your technical discipline to solve a wider range of technical, operational or business problems; 

  • Will be empowered and trusted to pursue innovative business transformation strategies that deliver tangible and meaningful outcomes to your clients;

  • Manage to gain exposure to challenging projects, learning new skills, and building valuable relationships that will create opportunities for you.


We Work Hard & Play Hard

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